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Suzanne Giles Boenker, P.E.


Registered Professional Engineer with ~30 years experience in environmental and petroleum operations engineering.

• Title V Expertise
• MECT Program Expertise
• Excellent Rapport with TCEQ
• Superior Communication Skills
• Extensive Oil & Gas Knowledge
• Ability to Lead and Manage Projects
• Proficient Computer/Database Skills
• Effective Problem Solver



Spring, Texas :: August 2007-Present

Responsibilities include preparing New Source Review permit applications, and Title V permit applications. Provides input on air compliance issues for all types of environmental projects. Assists clients with due diligence procedures, Phase 1 environmental assessments, compliance audits, SPCC plans, Risk Management Plans (RMP) and compliance manuals. Experience and knowledge of air regulations in several states including Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Indiana, New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, Utah, Alabama, Kansas, Utah, Indiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Wyoming and Oklahoma. Prepares Tier II reports and completes emission inventories for several types of industries such as bulk fuel terminals, chemical plants, natural gas pipelines, tank batteries, natural gas and NGL plants, SO2 recovery plants, oil and gas production facilities, etc. Develops strategic compliance plans for companies to reduce their compliance costs, including banking emission reduction credits. Expertise in air emissions banking and trading, Texas’ MECT program, non-attainment areas, Texas Air Regulations, MACT requirements, Title V and oil and gas facilities.


Director of Air Compliance
Spring, Texas :: May 1998 – August 2007

Prepared NSR construction and Title V operating permit applications. Completed emission inventories for several types of industries. Prepared all forms of emissions banking and trading forms for Texas Non-attainment sites. Acted as an expert witness in lawsuits and provided compliance strategy as well as cost cutting strategies for clients.


Director of Air Compliance
Spring, Texas :: April 1997 – May 1998

Developed, marketed and built a profitable new air compliance division. Established a variety of air services to offer to the company’s current clientele. Mentored and trained employees from a sister company on air compliance issues, pertaining particularly to oil and gas facilities.

Responsible for all air permitting and air compliance projects. Provided air quality compliance input on all environmental projects. Prepared numerous Title V permit applications, New Source Review permits, and emissions inventories for various types of facilities in several states including Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Wyoming and Oklahoma. Additional responsibilities included all phases of environmental permitting, reporting and auditing such as preparing Spill Prevention, Countermeasure and Control Plans (SPCC), Risk Management Plans (RMP) and Facility Response Plans (FRP), conducting environmental and safety assessments and obtaining permits from the Railroad Commission, Corps of Engineers, and Minerals Management Services (MMS).


Senior Project Manager
Houston, Texas :: April 1995 – April 1997

Resident oil and gas expert as well as Texas Title V expert. Actively participated in air regulation development by serving on committees such as the Texas Title V Steering Committee and several industry sponsored workgroups. Assisted the air subcommittees of API and TMOGA in influencing regulations that affect industry.

As project manager of API’s General Permit Project, developed a unique permit matrix approach to create four general operating permits for oil & gas facilities, saving industry a significant amount of time and money. Coordinated and led a group of 50+ industry representatives and TNRCC staff, soliciting input and incorporating their ideas to build an effective permit.

May 1984 – April 1995

Senior Environmental Engineer/Air Issues Coordinator
Houston, Texas :: May 1992 – April 1995

Responsibilities included preparation of emission inventories, filling emission fees, obtaining air permits, proposing and installing control equipment, conducting compliance audits and resolving non-compliance issues in both attainment and non-attainment areas. Also responsible for following, assessing impact of and implementing programs to comply with new air regulations including communication with the facilities and line management through in-house presentations and training.

Initiated and implemented a Texas Air Strategy to reduce the cost of compliance. Eliminated the need for eight Title V permits and associated monitoring by converting major sources into synthetic minors, resulting in a substantial cost savings to Mobil. The strategy involved cost effective solutions such as voluntary fugitive monitoring systems, saving $25,000+ per site by implementing the systems in-house.

Developed an excellent rapport with key TNRCC personnel by participating in a Title V pilot project. Prepared one of the first prototype permit applications in Texas, gaining significant expertise on Texas’ Title V program. Instrumental in developing Title V guidance documents for Definition of Potential to Emit, Establishing Grandfather Rates, Definition of a Site, and an Insignificant Activities list. Positive influence on numerous State air regulations through active participation in industry groups such as TMOGA, LaMOGA and GCEAG.

Operations Engineer/Reservoir Engineer
Corpus Christi, Texas :: May 1991 – May 1992

Instrumental in developing an aggressive drilling program in South Texas. Proposed 20+ new wells entailing estimating costs, calculating reserves, performing detailed economic analysis, and obtaining buy-in from management. Founded a downhole commingling program to increase recoverable reserves, reduce expenses and increase production, resulting in a presentation to the TRRC to obtain permission to commingle.

Operations Engineer
Premont, Texas :: August 1988 – May 1991

Performed all production engineering duties for four South Texas gas fields including writing and processing over 50 AFE’s and appropriating over $5,000,000 in capital funds. Initiated and implemented an innovative drill deeper program to increase a field’s production at half the cost of drilling new wells by negotiating to obtain and utilize another company’s idle wellbores, resulting in over 12 BCF of gas and 40,000 bbls of oil in added reserves and 2 MMCF/D of sustained gas uplift. Redesigned a field’s gas gathering system by modifying the existing facilities, resulting in 1.2 MMCF/D of gas production increase and 50% savings in compression cost.

Operations Engineer
Vanderbilt, Texas :: January 1986 – August 1988

Managed production 100+ oil and gas wells. Completed 60+ project per year, including identifying problems, preparing detailed workover procedures, and coordinating and supervising rig operations.


Texas A&M University
B.S. in Petroleum Engineering
December 1985


Registered Professional Engineer

Certified College Recruiter

Gulf Coast Environmental Affairs Group

Pi Epsilon Tau Honor Society

Society of Professional Engineers

Greater Houston Partnership